After few years of taking break from showcasing my photographic work, new exhibition finally happened! It was well overdue – I know! – but hey, such is life, specially in case of ‘one man band’ such as myself. Certain other priorities, work and private ones, simply take you over and then you find yourself in almost apologetic situation in regards to other, equally important things, that you do in your life. With this exhibition I can only hope that greater balancing act is now in play – for good!

I had utmost pleasure and honor to be one of the two featured artists of mini photo festival called Foton – Days of Photography in Makarska and to help this yearly event shape itself further with my humble work and presence. Makarska is small, picturesque town located in the hart of most wonderful Croatian coast and I have very strong links with it since my childhood and youth. Thanks to this fact and some fantastic people about, organisation of everything exhibition related went very well indeed. Sure, there was a logistical ‘hick-up’ or two along the way (as it is always the case) but at the end they were just minor annoyances that we have managed to iron out well before opening night.

As for exhibition opening itself – well, it was nothing short of night to remember! Gallery ‘GaleRica’ was rather packed with people of all generations and general mood and atmosphere was charged with positive energy. Lina Rica, the gallery owner and one of the main organizers of Foton, was most amazing hostess and maximum any artist can wish to have in such time and occasion – thank you! Having in mind some rather intimate and unorthodox work exhibited, I was also pleasantly surprised to find that so many people were touched with it – from local youth punk potentials to handful of older ladies who wondered into the gallery at some point during the night. Thank you all for your feedback and impressions – it is much appreciated!

For the end, I am including few photos of the exhibition (probably with more to come later) together with some local press coverage.

Many thanks to all my friends and people involved!