Designed and hosted for London based Orgone Studios – music recording studio run by fantastic record producer, engineer and musician – Jaime Gomez Arellano. If you are into heavier alternative sound it will be well worth checking this page out for some great bands! Needless to say, in case you happen to have a band, then you should definitely consider recording and producing your LP or EP at Orgone Studios – likes of Paradise Lost, Cathedral, Ghost, Ulver and many others can’t be all wrong with their choice! Website is based on popular WordPress CMS platform and it features heavily modified front-end design together with great HTML5 based audio player, modern gallery system and more.

We were commissioned by Orgone Studios in London to create simple yet sleek and easy to use web page for their music recording studio. Keeping in mind type of music that they are producing – heavier alternative sound – we have opted for overall dark colour scheme to reflect this. To avoid the pages looking too monotonous, various faded background images were applied. This created the right dynamics that we were after and from there on it was fairly easy to implement all the relevant content. You can view the website at following address:

Product: iron package + page extensions
Web Hosting: standard package
Platform: wordpress
Features: responsive, mobile ready
Web Link: