How many times have you come across some YouTube video that was mainly, or even exclusively, all about the audio on it? How many times you have played such videos without even watching them at all? If you are into music, then answer will probably be – numerous of times! – and you are not alone. In fact, most of the music orientated YouTube videos have very little to do with moving images and are focused primarily on the sound. Be that your favorite songs, unforgettable concerts or even an interviews – huge number of YouTube videos are created daily, playlists are made and compiled all with an idea so that people can hear, rather than view, particular material. This is all perfectly fine, of course. YouTube is playing major role in spreading such information around the globe and as such it is, and most probably will remain to be, invaluable online tool for such tasks. However, out of purely pragmatic reasons, one question arises from all this – Why would you go to your web browser, open up the YouTube page and play that tune you have bookmarked earlier on when you can do this in much easier and more convenient way ie. via your audio player!

This is where, online audio ripper, comes into play. Visual aspect of the website is nothing to talk about – in fact, one can easily say that its looks are below the average compared to modern layout and design standards, however, point of isn’t to wow you with its prettiness but its functionality instead. So what exactly is the function of it? Answer – to rip an audio from a YouTube link and to provide you with high quality audio file of it that you can add to your music library! Yes, as simple as that and for the most people out there there is nothing else that they need from it. To use it, simply copy the URL of a YouTube video and paste it into a given field, select the output format (mp3, flack etc.) and click on ‘Convert’ button. Seconds later (it is that fast!) job will be done and you will be given an option to edit the title of your audio file and save it to your computer. So simple. So fast. So amazing. And, perhaps most importantly, perfectly legal!

Check it out via this link:

Now that you have audio file of your favorite YouTube video you will most probably be OK with it as it is, however, in some instances you might wish to do some editing before including it into your music library or mp3 playlist. Typical example of this would be ripping an audio file from some concert video. Sure, audio file you would get from would be great sound quality wise, but it would also be as long as the gig itself – in other words, one or two hours in length! This is not particularly great for various reasons and you will almost certainly wish to cut it into separate songs. To do this – simply point your web browser to Online Audio Cutter, open your audio file you wish to cut and via simple, intuitive and easy to use interface, do your editing and save the results to your computer as separate audio files.

Check Online Audio Cutter here: Online Audio Cutter