We are continuing our yearly ‘facelift tradition’ with the latest incarnation of our website! Main focus of this point update was to bring the site to the latest and greatest tech standards while also to sharpen up the user experience and overall presentation of our work. Not exactly easiest of tasks but we think we have done it or at least that we are moving in the right direction. Biggest problem we were facing with previous website was visual collision of text and images on some screen sizes and resolution. For example, while things were looking fine on mobiles, tablets and laptops – large, ultra high resolution, studio screens weren’t exactly displaying the content too nicely. If we would address high resolution screen issues then smaller screens would suffer. In short – with previous approach there was no win-win situation and this exactly was our priority this time around. We wanted website that will look fantastic on highest end 4k studio monitors as well as on small screen laptops and mobiles, ideally without compromising anything at all and in the worst case, as little as possible! To achieve this, it became obvious rather quickly that we will need to lift the text out from the main pages and place them on separate ‘intro’ screens for each and every section of the website. This thing alone opened up numerous possibilities as well as issues but it was important to know which way to take… problems, frustrations and ultimately – the solutions – followed later.

Another issue we had with our old website was the content. There was simply too much of it and huge chunk was completely irrelevant and out of date so, with this in mind, we have done some major trimming on almost all sections of the site. In fact, some sections have gone for good. For example ‘Our Tunes’ section which was displaying some years old university work and that was serving as nothing else but silly memorabilia, is gone completely. I have realised that such content is way better for social networks or, perhaps, some mini website that I might create in near future. Old content gone out of the door together with the overall redesign of the site should also mean some fresh content added to it as well!? Yes – but not this time around. We simply couldn’t squeeze everything in in this single point update and therefore I have decided to split the things in half. Do the ‘facelift’ and cleanup first and then, over the coming weeks and months, slowly add new content to our active portfolios as well as blog. You can expect latest in web design, photography, graphic design and more in very near future and, hopefully, regular bases too!

I have tested the latest version of our website extensively on my own devices (Samsung Galaxy Note smart phone, Fusion5 8″ Windows 10 tablet, MSI Windows 10 15″ laptop and my custom made beast of a Windows 10 desktop PC) and haven’t found any serious bugs. Saying all that, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if bugs do exist so please feel free to test the site on your own computers and mobile devices and please do let me know in case you see anything that looks silly and out of place or that doesn’t work at all. This kind of help would be greatly appreciated! Needless to say, general comments and suggestions are also more than welcome! Hope you like this update and if you are browsing it on your desktop or laptop do hit F11 for a full screen experience, it is designed with it in mind and I would say that it is certainly the best way to enjoy it. Over and out – for now… We will notify you of further feature and content updates via usual social media channels and emails.