Hi and thank you for your visit! We are UK and Germany based, small media company, focusing on everything web and photography related – from high-end, personalised web design and online marketing to virtually any photographic need that you might require. We are also able to offer you an amazing range of domain names and web hosting packages – ideal for all who wish to get online in a smoothest possible way! In case you have any questions or indeed would like to commission us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You are free to email us directly at info@thecliffsoncape.com or simply fill in the contact form below and we shall get back to you promptly!



Time ago, my first contact with art was via literature while an alternative music was always present as a constant soundtrack to various impressions and subsequent creations. After working as a master printer and photographer for a few years, I have moved to London where I’ve graduated Contemporary Media studies at the University of Westminster. Post graduate time was marked with number of photographic exhibitions while professional focus moved towards web design and digital arts, eventually reaching The Cliffs On Cape – small, creative company, dedicated to your design, art and digital media needs. Welcome and have a fun browsing our website!