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  • Yearly maintenance and admin services for your site
  • Web speed and performance improvement
  • Security improvements
  • Fundamental SEO
  • Adding content to already existing pages
  • Updates to all relevant core features of the site
  • Extension of the website features
  • Installation and configuration of plug-in software
  • Regular database optimisations and back-ups
  • Regular back-ups of your entire site & content
  • Regular optimisations of all the content
  • Troubleshooting and Problem Solving
  • Up to 8 Hours of work per month
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    Maintaining your valuable website is equally as important as to having it in the first place. Website that is not properly maintained is exposed to various risks – from extremes such as being hacked or brought down by some malicious code to equally disastrous unoptimised slowness that will push your users away and punish you via degrading search engine scores. To properly maintain your website you need skills and plenty of time which is often an issue in today’s busy working life. If you have built a website with us and wish to make sure that it is optimised, secured, regularly updated and backed-up but simply have no time or knowledge to deal with it all by yourself then this service is ideal for you!

    With yearly admin plan we will make sure your website is ticking like a Swiss clock! It is all in one package including troubleshooting and problem solving, increased security of your website, basic updates to your pages or blog, fundamental SEO, updates to all relevant core features of your CMS, back-ups of your database and site as well as further optimisations of all the content for even better speed and overall performance of your site.

    This service includes up to eight hours of prioritised dedicated work on your website per month which we have estimated that is usually more than enough for vast majority of small to medium businesses. In case you require further help you can always book extra hours via our online shop.

    Please note! – This service is available only to our existing clients using one of our web design packages.


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